Human Synthesys Studio Review – Render your “Humatar”

Human Synthesys Studio Review

Have Real Human Spokespeople In Your Videos Saying Exactly What You Want In MINUTES!

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Human Synthesys Studio Review – Practically everyone who’s on the internet has seen an “avatar” before. They’re the little cartoon people you see all over social media, blogs, and websites of all kinds!

But, sometimes you just want to connect with your audience on an even deeper level… and that little avatar won’t cut it…

Well, what if you could use REAL humans to act as a hyper-realistic avatar?

Now, you can…

INTRODUCING Human Synthesys Studio.. which you can get a preview of from video-expert Todd Gross here:

With Human Synthesys Studio, you’ll unlock the power of high-end, cutting-edge technology: “Humatars”. This new kind of Avatar isn’t really an Avatar at all. They are real human beings who speak and pose for TEN HOURS. then the Artificial Intelligence involved goes to work examining 100,000 videos to get the lip-sync just right.

Is it sounds curious?

If YES, then stay tuned for the coming next parts of my Human Synthesys Studio review to find out all details about it below!

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Human Synthesys Studio Review – Product Overview ; )

Creator Todd Gross
Product Human Synthesys Studio
Launch Date 2021-May-24
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Official website
Front-End Price $47
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonus
Skill All Level
Guarantee  14-day money-back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!

money-back guarantee & premium quality

Human Synthesys Studio Review – What is It?

Human Synthesys Studio creates completely life-like human spokespeople, that say exactly what you want them to say. They are not avatars. Instead, we’re calling them ‘Humatars’ and they are the new standard for spokespeople in the video.

The first software of its kind, where you can type what you want and REAL humans say exactly what you type with REAL human voices – and it looks amazing!

Why use cartoon or video-game-like animations, when you can accomplish the same thing with more personable, REAL humans?

And it’s not just being able to use actual humans in your videos, but actual human voices (English only) as well. This vastly expands how you can use Human Synthesys Studio in your business…

Human Synthesys Studio includes

Human Synthesys Studio Review – Features & Benefits; )

Here are a few items that you are going to get once you get inside the main dashboard of Human Synthesys Studio.  

Human Synthesys Studio Is Packed With Amazing Features…

    ⇒      Text-To-Video

Human Synthesys Studio-text-to-speech

Transform simple text into a professional-looking video for the first time ever. Videos can be up to 6 minutes long.

    ⇒      40+ Languages

Human Synthesys Studio-languages

We currently support 40+ different languages. It’s never been easier to engage global teams and customers in their native language

    ⇒      “Humatars” Options

Human Synthesys Studio-humatars

With Human Synthesys Studio, you have the option of 5 Humatars with Personal OR 10 Humatars PLUS 3 BONUS Humatars with Commercial to use immediately.

    ⇒      Custom Backgrounds

Human Synthesys Studio-Backgrounds

Easily upload any image or video as a background to your videos. We’ve also created free slide templates for inspiration.

    ⇒      Background Music

Human Synthesys Studio-music

We have prepared a selection of background music that you can freely add as a background sound to your videos.

    ⇒      MP4 Downloads

Human Synthesys Studio-mp4-downloads

Access and download your completed video projects as mp4 files.

    ⇒      Multi-slide Videos

Human Synthesys Studio-slide-videos

Combine several Human Synthesys Studio videos into one video. Now you can create rich slide deck video experiences in just a few minutes.

    ⇒      Update Video Content

Human Synthesys Studio-video-content

With Human Synthesys Studio, you can simply duplicate the video, change the text, and have an updated version of a video in just a few minutes.

    ⇒      Spokesperson Positioning

Human Synthesys Studio-spokepeoples

Move the position of your Humatar around on your videos for your desired position and look.

    ⇒      Intuitive, Easy To Use, Interface

Human Synthesys Studio-easy-to-use

The step-by-step process makes it quick and easy to produce your videos.


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Human Synthesys Studio Review – How Does It Work?

It’s Never Been Easier To Create Human Spokesperson Videos That Say Exactly What You Want In Just Minutes!

Step #1

Select Your Human

Human Synthesys Studio-step-1

Step #2

Select Your Voice

Human Synthesys Studio-step-2

Step #3

Input The Text You Want Them To Say

Human Synthesys Studio-step-3

Step #4

Change Position, Add Backgrounds, Background Music, And More

Human Synthesys Studio-step-4

Step #5

Render Your Video

Human Synthesys Studio-step-5


Human Synthesys Studio Review – Watch How Easy It Is;

To Go From Nothing To A Quality Looking And Sounding Spokesperson Video In Minutes!

Human Synthesys Studio Review – About Vendor; )

Human Synthesys Studio-team

I guess Todd Gross is a familiar name to all of you now. Through his online career as a trusted vendor and a top affiliate, he has established a good reputation out of all the struggles he’s been through.

The Human Synthesys Studio project in which he worked with LuAnn Beckman and Oliver Goodwin. To figure out whether this time this team has made a useful tool or not, please take a look at the following part to know more about its features.

fast action bonuses

Human Synthesys Studio-bonuses

Human Synthesys Studio-Bonuses



Human Synthesys Studio Review – Pricing & OTOs Info; )

You can grab Human Synthesys Studio with an early bird discount price in these options below for a limited time. Let’s pick the best-suited options for you before this special offer is gone!

Front End – Human Synthesys Studio ($47-67)   >>Get Access<<

I know this is one of the most important parts of determining your buying decision, and that’s totally understandable. The Personal version is currently available at the price of $47 while the Commercial version is $67. But I assure you the price for Human Synthesys Studio Commercial not at all a considerable number that scares you out.

In fact, it’s only at a fraction of the cost of comparable video editing tools $47 – $67. Based on the time you make the purchase, the price will be set differently and the earlier you buy, the cheaper price you get. That happens in every great deal, as a treasure for anyone who is determined to take the chance.

What’s inside Human Synthesys Studio:

  • “Talking head” video: Human Studio Synthesys platform includes more than 20 high-quality avatars that can be used for producing spokesperson videos. They can be used as full profile avatars or circular avatars.
  • Fast voice-over process: Human Studio Synthesys platform comes prepackaged with the highest quality and variety of synthetic voices. Simply type your text and hear the result in real-time.
  • Fast corrections and re-edits: with Human Synthesys Studio, every business can create multiple takes and scripts, see how they work and adjust them – all within a few minutes.
  • Simple to make multi-lingual videos: Once you found a script that works, you can simply translate the script in any of the supported languages (we support 40+ languages) and generate multi-lingual videos. Again, all within minutes.

Human Synthesys Studio-front-end-options

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If you want to add more features to this product, then you can consider buying these upsells once you check out:

OTO 1 – Human Synthesys Studio Pro ($67 One Time)   >>Click here for more details<<


• 40 Additional Humatars (with MULTIPLE outfits that fit niches like nurse, doctor, casual, business attire, athletic, etc.)

• 17 Extra PRO Real Human Voices

• Future Humatars delivered monthly for one year

OTO 2 – Human Synthesys Studio Enterprise ($47 One Time)   >>Click here for more details<<


• 100 Ready-Made Local Business Niches PPT/Keynote Templates; edit; add to HSS; use as a video.

• Upload Your OWN Voice Overs/ ANY audio in ANY language (Voice will perfectly lip-sync with the Humatars.)

• Future templates delivered monthly for one year

• Priority VIP rendering on a dedicated server

• Priority Future Software Updates

OTO 3 – Human Synthesys Studio Audio Suite ($67 One Time)   >>Click here for more details<<


• AudioSuite brings together not one, but TWO incredible tools:

• Synthesys, the first software to introduce human synthetic voices, and

• Infinitunes, the first AI-Powered Music Software.

• Both include FREE Commercial Licenses. Both for a ONE-TIME payment.

• Current Owners of either Synthesys or Infinitunes: we will take care of them when they purchase OTO 3.

• Details will be on the sales page.

OTO 4 – Human Synthesys Studio Agency Lite/Pro/Unlimited   >>Click here for more details<<

Agency Lite – Price: $197 One Time Agency Pro – Price: $297 One Time Agency Unlimited – Price: $497 One Time

• Increase Video Length (1,000 characters/slide; 12 slides; 12 minutes max)

• 5 Extra Accounts For Virtual Workers & Family

• 157 Prewritten Video Scripts For The Hottest Niches

• 150 Total Rendered Videos – Credits Available For Additional Videos.


• Increase Video Length (1,000 characters/slide; 12 slides; 12 minutes max)

• 10 Extra Accounts For Virtual Workers & Family

• 157 Prewritten Video Scripts For The Hottest Niches

• 250 Total Rendered Videos – Credits Available For Additional Videos.


• Increase Video Length (1,000 characters/slide; 12 slides; 12 minutes max)

• 25 Extra Accounts For Virtual Workers & Family

• 157 Prewritten Video Scripts For The Hottest Niches

• Unlimited Total Rendered Videos




Human Synthesys Studio Review – Who should get this Human Synthesys Studio?

From what I see, Human Synthesys Studio is the choice for anyone who wants to create high-quality REAL spokespeople videos. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, you will still need it because of the much more outstanding features compared to other products.

It is suitable for:

+   Affiliate marketers

+   Product creators

+   Marketers

+   Entrepreneur

+   Professionals

+   Newbie

+   Business coaches

+   Local businesses

+    Business Owners

+    Content Creators

+    Freelancers

+    Bloggers

+    Vloggers, eCom Store Owners

+    Social Media Marketers

+    Agency

+    Freelance Designers

And the list goes on and on.

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Human Synthesys Studio Review – Pros and Cons; )

Pros: 😀

+   First of its kind technology

+    REAL professional actors in your videos

+    Synthetic human voice text-to-speech (English Only)

+    Plus fully-integrated google text to speech (40 languages + 74 voices)

+    Revolutionary lip-synching technology

+    Stunning life-like facial movements

+    Cloud-based (no installation required)

+    Background and audio bank included

+    Simple editing interface

+    Tap into the HUGE spokesperson market

+    Commercial license available

+    Extremely easy to use (no learning curve)

+    14-day money-back guarantee

Cons: 😥

 Up to now, there is none


Human Synthesys Studio Review – Conclusion-;

With Human Synthesys Studio will no longer have to struggle to generate multi-lingual videos. I hope what I have experienced with this product will help you have more information to make the right decision for yourself.

$50 is not an expensive price for this kind of quality, in fact, it is a completely reasonable price for anyone who wants to make their first step into the lucrative field. This price will go up soon so don’t hesitate to grab this chance. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with the 14-day refund policy, making this a hot deal. Hope you will make a smart choice, thank you!

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